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Improved Boat-Lowering Detaching Attaching and Griping Apparatus


American Naval Architecture

On the Pre-Historical Existence of Man

Science Aiding Justice

Sault's Air Trap

The Japanese Embassy

The Work and Power of Steam Engines

Thompson's Regulating Gas-Burner

A Meteoric Mystery

Philosophy in an Eggshell

How to See through a Brick Wall

Barn-Yard Manure

Our Western Correspondence

The Hexagonal Cell of the Honey-Bee

By W. J. Weeks

Cotton-Spinning Mules

Treatment of Inventors by Government

Egg-Hatching Machine

Consumption and Its Causes

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Douglas's Valve

Improved Hay, Hop and Cotton Press

Barcroft's Improved Dredging Machine

County Bonds for Railroads

City Boiler Inspection

The Increase and Improvement of Steamships

A Crumb for Inventors

Electric Lights for Lighthouses

Foreign News and Markets - May 19, 1860


Patent Claims - May 19, 1860

Weekly Summary of Inventions - May 19, 1860

Vol I of the New Series

Money Received

Cause and Prevention of Grape Rot

Improved Tin Plate Former

Improvement in Melodeons

Applications for the Extension of Patents


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    Notes & Queries - May 19, 1860

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