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Improved Variable Cut-Off Valve

American Manganese

Inventions for Women -- Sensible Suggestions

Naval Architecture of Great Britain

Lake Superior Copper

Improving Farms Without Manure

Morin on "Friction"

Production of a Copper Green without Arsenic

By H Dussance

A New Grouping of the Stars Suggested

Improved Grist Mill

A Hot-Bed Stove Wanted

Man Scientifically Described

Artificial Teeth -- Their History and Manufacture

Clay Retorts

Journal of Patent Law

The Hexagonal Cell of the Honey-Bee

By W. J. Weeks

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

A Column of Varieties - May 26, 1860

Improvement in Furnaces

Improved Shaving-Making Machine


Colburn on Boiler Explosions

The Age of Steam

Literary and Scientific Notices - May 26, 1860

American Inventions in Europe - May 26, 1860

Defalcation of the Postmaster of New York

Foreign News and Markets - May 26, 1860

Patent Claims - May 26, 1860

Weekly Summary of Inventions - May 26, 1860

Improved Steam Boiler

Peculiarities of the Moon

Carding and Combing Machines


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    Notes & Queries - May 26, 1860

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The Essential Guide to the Modern World

The Essential Guide to the Modern World