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Improved Printing Press

The United States Patent Office

Balancing Machinery

Our Special Correspondence

Egg Philosophy--Great Birds

Influence of Machinery

Milking by Machinery--The Inventor's Remarks about his Machine

Suspended and Subterranean Railroads for Cities

Dyspepsia and Constipation


Mackenzie's Improvement in Baking Ovens

Patent Mode of Skinning Eels

A New Fire-extinguisher

Burial of the Dead--Mummies--Glass Coffins


A Column of Varieties

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Improvement in Turning Lathes

India-Rubber Stretched Out at Last

Watch Manufacture

The Anatomy of the Steam Engine

Our Special Southern Correspondence

Weekly Summary of Inventions - June 16, 1860

Patent Claims - June 16, 1860

Issued from the United States Patent Office

The Rise and Progress of Inventions - June 16, 1860

Money Received

Useful Hints to our Readers

Improved Refrigerator - June 16, 1860

Tusch's Soaping and Scrubbing Brush


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    Why Do Facts Fail?

    Why Do Facts Fail?

    Deconstructing Denial