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Steam Carriages for Common Roads

The French Steam Rams

Milk and its Preservation

The Cotton-Seed Oil Business

Rats and Lead Pipes

Our Special Correspondence

Coloring of Adulterated Wines

American Patronage of Inventions for Ships

American Jewelry

Advantage of a Taste for Science

Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa for the Sick

By Florence Nightingale

Industrial Fairs

Improved Cow-Milker

The Great Reservoir! in the New York Central Park

Marine Engines

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Tidal Motive Power

The Chinese Sugar Cane in Europe

Improved Road-Scraper

Important Improvement for Increasing the Power of Steam

Charcoal as a Disinfectant

Infringement Case

Polytechnio Association of the American Institute

Journal of Patent Law

Gas Burner Lamps

A Column of Varieties

Fry's Improved Mode of Hanging Window-Sashes

The Original Steam Fire-Engine

Russell's Improvement in Harrows

New Filtering Medium

Economy of Steam

Progress of Science-The Press and Patent Laws

Knitting Machinery

Recent American Inventions - July 2, 1860

New Books and Periodicals Received - July 2, 1860

New Arrangements at The Patent Office

Patent Claims

Money Received

Useful Hints to our Readers

British Gun-Boats -- Private Builders -- American Oak

Self-Adjusting Street-Sweeping Machine


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    Notes and Queries - July 2, 1860

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July 02, 1860

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