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The French Steam Rams

Steam Carriages for Common Roads

Milk and its Preservation

Our Special Correspondence

Rats and Lead Pipes

The Cotton-Seed Oil Business

Advantage of a Taste for Science

Coloring of Adulterated Wines

American Jewelry

Industrial Fairs

American Patronage of Inventions for Ships

Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa for the Sick

By Florence Nightingale

The Great Reservoir! in the New York Central Park

Improved Cow-Milker

Marine Engines

Improved Road-Scraper

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Tidal Motive Power

Important Improvement for Increasing the Power of Steam

The Chinese Sugar Cane in Europe

Charcoal as a Disinfectant

Infringement Case

Polytechnio Association of the American Institute

Journal of Patent Law

Gas Burner Lamps

A Column of Varieties

Russell's Improvement in Harrows

Fry's Improved Mode of Hanging Window-Sashes

The Original Steam Fire-Engine

New Filtering Medium

Economy of Steam

Progress of Science-The Press and Patent Laws

New Arrangements at The Patent Office

New Books and Periodicals Received - July 2, 1860

Knitting Machinery

Recent American Inventions - July 2, 1860

Patent Claims

Money Received

Useful Hints to our Readers

Self-Adjusting Street-Sweeping Machine

British Gun-Boats -- Private Builders -- American Oak


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    Notes and Queries - July 2, 1860

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