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Improved Truck and Fire-Escape

The Mechanics and Mathematics of Musical Vibrations

By Spencer B. Driggs

Does All Sound Move at the Same Velocity?

Oliver Evans and the form of Ships

Davis's Patent Sewing Machine Stitch

The Setting and Hanging of Saws

The Crank Motion Again

Woodruff's Improved Barometer

Charcoal for the Teeth

The Science of Bread-Making

The Year of Great Meteors

The Farmers' Club on Lightning

Talk with the Boys

No. S.--The Steam Engine

A Column of Varieties

Attraction and Conduction

Criticisms on the Experiments with Turbine Wheels at Philadelphia

Improved Potato-Digger

An India-Rubber Saddle Suggested

Improved Mode of Hanging Wheel Vehicles

New Steamers Crossing the Atlantic in Five Days

The Accumulation of Gold and its Effect Upon Commerce and Society

Holmes' Rule for Setting Steam Boilers

Literary and Scientific Notices

History, Theory and Practice of the Electric Telegraph.

Our Washington Correspondence

Rival Sewing Machines--Elias Howe's Extension

Recent American Inventions

Money Received

New Books and Periodicals Received - September 1, 1860

The Cause of the Failure of the Atlantic Telegraph

Improved Clothes-Washing Machine

Improved Lamp

New Process of Refining Sugar


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    Notes and Queries - September 1, 1860

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