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Improved Oscillating Engine

Applications for the Extension of Patents

The Smelting of lake Superior Copper

Progress of Population in New York

Giffard's Injector

Blasted Wheat

Sticky India-Rubber Goods

Our Western Correspondence

Natural Varnish Tree

Interesting Correspondence

How to Poison Whales

Deafening Walls

Coating for Patterns used in Molding

Our Washington Correspondence

Philadelphia Water Wheel Experiments

Flying Machines in the Future

Hyatt's 1000 Prize

Flyinq Machines -- A Bird-Woman

Judicial Decisions in the Great Sewing Machine War

The Profits of the Rock oil Business

The Last Manufactory at Richmond

The Adaptation of Machinery to Photography

By G. H. Babcock

Brooks & Grover's Improved Gridiron

Improvement in Felting Machines

Exhibition of a Great Acamene Lamp

Courts of Arbitration for Patentees

Ingenuity still Active

Good Mechanism

Experience of Ingenious Inventors

Turbine Water Wheels-Attention

Recent American Inventions

Literary and Scientific Notices

Appleton's Cyclopdia

Patent Claims - September 8, 1860

Useful Hints to Our Readers

Money Received

Important to Inventors

Wing's Crimping Machine

How to Keep Sweet Potatoes

Kearney's Improved Screw Jack

New process of Gilding and Silver-Plating


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    Notes and Queries - September 8, 1860

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September 08, 1860

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