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Improved Slide Valve

What was Learned by the Observations on the Late Eclipse

Boiler Explosion Caused by Sulphur Water

Talk with the Boys

French Vivacity on a Mud Trap

Construction of Cider Filters

The Porosity of Glass

Purifying Natural Coal Oil

Interesting Correspondence

Gutta-Percha the Best Insulator for Submarine Telegraphs

Galvanized Iron versus Lead for Pipes

Iron Works-Their Location, Arrangement and Construction

American Naval Architecture

The Steamer West Point

Journal of Patent Law

Improved Plan for Graduating Thermometers

A Column of Varieties

Working Steam Expansively

Telegraph Between the Atlantic and Pacific States

Improvement in Gas Pumps

McCulloch's Grain-Drying and Evaporating Apparatus

Niagara Railroad Suspension Bridge

The Stimulus of the Patent Laws

Pianos-A Great Piano Manufactory

Application for the Extension of a Patent

The Fairs of 1860

Recent American Inventions - September 15, 1860

Contract for a Steam Fire Engine

Creosoting Railroad Timber

Patent Claims

Money Received

Useful Hints to Our Readers

Elmer's Combined Watch Key and Guard Bar

First Fruits of a Crop

Improved Horse Rake

The Philosophy of Cart Hubs


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    Notes and Queries - September 15, 1860

  • New Books and Periodicals Received - September 15, 1860

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September 15, 1860