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What was Learned by the Observations on the Late Eclipse

Improved Slide Valve

Boiler Explosion Caused by Sulphur Water

French Vivacity on a Mud Trap

Talk with the Boys

Construction of Cider Filters

Galvanized Iron versus Lead for Pipes

Purifying Natural Coal Oil

The Porosity of Glass

Interesting Correspondence

Gutta-Percha the Best Insulator for Submarine Telegraphs

Iron Works-Their Location, Arrangement and Construction

Journal of Patent Law

Improved Plan for Graduating Thermometers

American Naval Architecture

The Steamer West Point

Telegraph Between the Atlantic and Pacific States

Working Steam Expansively

A Column of Varieties

McCulloch's Grain-Drying and Evaporating Apparatus

Improvement in Gas Pumps

Pianos-A Great Piano Manufactory

The Stimulus of the Patent Laws

Niagara Railroad Suspension Bridge

Contract for a Steam Fire Engine

The Fairs of 1860

Creosoting Railroad Timber

Application for the Extension of a Patent

Recent American Inventions - September 15, 1860

Patent Claims

Money Received

Useful Hints to Our Readers

Improved Horse Rake

The Philosophy of Cart Hubs

Elmer's Combined Watch Key and Guard Bar

First Fruits of a Crop


  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - September 15, 1860

  • New Books and Periodicals Received - September 15, 1860

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