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A New Caloric Engine

Improved Gyrascope Steam Engine Governor

The Barometer a Useful Instrument

Expansion of Metals by Heat

A New Theory of the Formation of the Solar System

Compensating Pendulums

Surprising Facts in Regard to the Value of Sewing Machines

A Hit at Avoirdupois

Iron WorksTheir Location, Arrangement and Construction

American and English Oak

Application for the Extension of a Patent

Melting Zinc by Gas

Our Special Correspondence

American Engineers' Association

Spontaneous Combustion of Sawdust

A Column of Varieties

Great Improvement in the Electric Light

The First Steamer that Crossed the Atlantic

Hardening of Gutta-Percha

Improved Relay and Sounder

Lightning on the Railroad

The Farmers' Club on Lightning

Clark's Improved Vise

The Relation of Science to the Industrial Arts

The Way the Solar System was Formed

Remarks on Howe's Sewing Machine Extension Case

Commercial Steamers as Ships of War

Our Western Correspondence

Awful Steamboat Disaster

The Late Herbert Ingram, M.P., Proprietor of the Illustrated London News

Patent Claims - September 22, 1860

Recent American Inventions - September 22, 1860

Useful Hint to Our Readers

Money Received

Dr. Griscom's Improved Method of Ventilation

Production of Valuable Manure from the Air


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    Notes and Queries - September 22, 1860

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