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English and American Railroads

Gatling's Machine for Pulverizing the Soil

The Nature, Origin and Composition of the Metals

Howe's Patent Extension

Cassell's Illustrated Bible

Two Points of Patent Law

How to Make Cloth and Paper Incombustible

A new Lightning Rod

The Empty Bier

By Hannah Gould

Patent Bier and Mode of Lowering Coffins

New Planet Discovered

Friction Once More

American Naval Architecture!

The Steamer new Brunswick.

Pratt's Improvement in Anti-Friction Journals

The Real Cause of Blasted Wheat

Ventilate the Churches and the Schools

The Sewing Machine.--No. II

The Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

A Column of Varieties

Improved Cotton Cultivator

Improved Wool Folder

Our Special Correspondence

Ohio Mechanics' Institute Fair

What May be Learned from the Experiments at the Metropolitan Mills

The Final Destiny of the Earth

Room for Improvement in the Steam Engine

Recent American Inventions

Compass Protractor

Report of the Trial of Steam Fire Engines at Rensselaer County Fair, Troy. N. Y.

Money Received

The Rise and progress of Inventions

Rates of Advertising

Useful Hint to Our Readers

Improved Breech-Loading Cannon


Inventors, Machinists, Millwrights, and Manufacturers.

Railroads in Germany

Wages in English Manufactories


  • Patent Claims

  • Departments

    Interesting Correspondence

  • Notes and Queries - October 6, 1860

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October 06, 1860