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Scale in Steam Boilers

Improved Excavator

Journal of Patent Law

Infringement--Patent for Coloring Yarn--Old and New Method of PartI-Coloring

Our Patent Laws -- Their Wonderful Influence

Making Magnets in Casting

Can Spent Tan Bark Be Dried?

American Naval Architecture

A Wonderful Case in Surgery

Which was the First Steamer That Crossed the Atlantic?

Improved Water Wheel

Cutting Piles Under WaterAn Ingenious Apparatus

Improved Combination Auger

The Cyanuret of Potassium Once More

Utility of Lightning Rods

The Sewing Machine--No. III

Sharpening Saws

A Column of Varieties

Talk with the Boys

Steam Fire-Engine Trial

Improved Grooving Saw

Colored Liquids

A New Electric Light

Improved Steam Trap

Physical Training in Common Schools

Decomposition of SteamAn Obstinate Critic

A Wonderful Billiard Player--Mons. Berger, the French Champion in America

The Truth of Spiritualism Demonstrated

Our Special Correspondence

The United States Agricultural Society's Fair

A Great Piece of Wrought Iron

A Censor at the Patent Office

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office for the Week Ending October 2, 1860

Recent American Inventions

Money Received

Important to Inventors

New Books and Periodicals Received - October 13, 1860


Inventors, Machinists, Millwrights, and Manufacturers

The Prince of Wales at the Patent Office

Tungsten Steel

Daykin's Improved Water Drawer


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    Notes and Queries - October 13, 1860

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October 13, 1860

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism