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Improved Magneto-Electric Burglar Alarm

Science Made Popular

Professor Faraday's Lectures on the Physical Forces Lecture IV.--Chemical Affinity--Heat.

Theoretical Economy of the Air Engine

American Naval Architecture

The Steamer Hankow

Weston's Improvement in Hanging Saws

To Make Steel from Pig Iron

Davidson's Boat-Lowering Apparatus


Recent American Inventions - November 10, 1860

Pease's Improved Oils

Oil Lamp Prizes

The Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

American Railroad Builders in Brazil

Glutine--Important Manufacture

Fogg's Improved Skate

Hydraulic Association-Water Wheel Experiments

Improved Box-Making Machinery

New Order of Things at the Patent Office

Water Gas

The Manufacture of Steel

Boiler Explosions--Facts Wanted

Patent Office Decisions

Illustrations of the Patent Office Reports

Report on the Water Gas

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Useful Medical Hints

The Highest Buildings in the World

How Much Pork Will a Bushel of Corn Make?

Patent Claims

Issued From The United States Patent Office For The Week Ending October 30, 1860

Money Received

Chicago Science

Chromatic Pianoforte Keyboard

Green Houses in Garrets


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    New Books and Periodicals Received - November 10, 1860

  • Notes and Queries - November 10, 1860

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November 10, 1860

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