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Improved Water Wheel

Science Made Popular

Professor Faraday's Lectures on the Physical Forces

Something New about Gold--A New Metal

A Great Machine for a Simple Purpose--Turning Bags by Steam

New Fusible Metal--Cadmium

The Way Florida was Formed

Improved Connected Steam Train for Manufacturing Choice Brown Sugar from Cane Juice

Cell Life


Great Churches

Improved Apparatus for the Combustion of Smoke in Steam Boiler Furnaces

Improved Corn Sheller and Cleaner

A New Science

Closer Economy in Steam Power Required

The Best form of Steam Engine for Manufacturing Purposes

The Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

New Steam Fire-Engine - November 17, 1860

Enlarged Fields for Invention

Recent American Inventions - November 17, 1860

Patent Claims

A Novel Yacht

American Engineers' Association

Money Received

Useful Hints to Our Readers

Rates of Advertising

Strange's Improvement in Spring Dividers

The Electricity of the Torpedo

American Railroads and Americanisms in London

Important to Inventors


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    Notes and Queries - November 17, 1860

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