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Saving Ten Per Cent of Flour

Improved Planing Machine, Dangers of Benzine in Varnish Making

Notes on Military and Naval Affairs

History of Turbine Water Wheels

A Splendid Specimen of California Workmanship--Hansbrow's Pump

Too Heavy Shot for Light Guns

Plumbing and Soldering Lead Pipe

Monier's Gas Burner

Jealousy Between the Army and Navy

What Can Be Done for Inventors--Advice Gratis and Advice for Pay

The United States and Canadian Reciprocity--Patent Laws

Our Navy--Who is to Blame?

New Steam Floating Battery

Excitement on Hose Couplings

Artillery Matches and Signals

The Navy Department and Iron-Clad War Steamers

Steam Rams and Their Qualities

Harbor Defences

Can Guncotton Be Used for Army Purposes ?

California Statistics and Progress

Armstrong Guns on the Merrimac

Our Navy a Year Ago

Recent American Inventions

Subjects for Inventions

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office


  • The Ancient Savages of Europe

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries

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