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Saving Ten Per Cent of Flour

Improved Planing Machine, Dangers of Benzine in Varnish Making

Notes on Military and Naval Affairs

History of Turbine Water Wheels

The Ancient Savages of Europe

A Splendid Specimen of California Workmanship--Hansbrow's Pump

Too Heavy Shot for Light Guns

Plumbing and Soldering Lead Pipe

Monier's Gas Burner

Jealousy Between the Army and Navy

What Can Be Done for Inventors--Advice Gratis and Advice for Pay

The United States and Canadian Reciprocity--Patent Laws

Our Navy--Who is to Blame?

New Steam Floating Battery

Excitement on Hose Couplings

Artillery Matches and Signals

The Navy Department and Iron-Clad War Steamers

Steam Rams and Their Qualities

Harbor Defences

Can Guncotton Be Used for Army Purposes ?

California Statistics and Progress

Armstrong Guns on the Merrimac

Our Navy a Year Ago

Recent American Inventions

Subjects for Inventions

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office


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March 29, 1862