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Ships' Windlasses, Capstans and Anchor Gearing

Notes on Naval and Military Affairs

The Way to Keep Milk

Constructing Water Cisterns for Houses in Cities

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Sorghum and Imphee Culture

Paper and Bread from the Husks and Stalks of Indian Corn

Rebbeck and Davies's Lamp Burner

Patent Medicines

A Good Demand for Machinery

Death of a Patent Office Examiner

The Cotton Famine--Jute and Other Substitutes for Cotton

Inventors in New Orleans Thawing Out

Nature's Guide in Taking Food

Progress of Our Iron Clads--Foreign Armor Frigates

Miscellaneous Summary

Valuable Receipts

Continued Progress of American Inventions in Europe

On the Management of Telegraphs

Recent Foreign Inventions

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office

Recent American Inventions

To Our Readers

Patents for Seventeen Years

Appleton's New American Cyclopedia

Brown's Lamp Chimney


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