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Improved Automatic Grain Dryer

Magneto-Electricity for Light-Houses

Miscellaneous Summary

Death of Thackeray

Cold Weather and Steam Engines

New York State Statistics

Government Ordnance Experiments

Progress of Engineering Science

Recent American Patents

Annual Petroleum Product

Machines for Making Skates

Atterbury & Reddick's Reflector Lantern

Messrs. Munn & Co. to the Reader

Engineers and Their Duties

Accidents from Carelessness Around Machinery


Tillage by Steam

Patent Claims

Patents Granted for Seventeen Years!

Rates of Advertising

To Our Readers

The Cheapest Mode of Introducing Inventions

A Valuable Work for Inventors Patentees and Manufacturers

Improved Faucet, Firing Cannon Under Water, Steam Boating on the Lakes


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January 23, 1864

Confronting Common Wisdom