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Gun-Cotton for Cannon

Improved Marine Clock and Register

New Books and Publications

Production and Consumption of Coffee

The United States Mint and Coinage

Foreign Scientific Miscellany

Food for Cattle

Composition of Atmosphere--Valley of Death

Boiling Food for Hogs

American Cast-Iron Ordnance

Defects of the British Iron-Clads

Special Notices

Power From Belting

Tungsten and its Alloys

Invention, the Ally of Civilization

American Steel and Machine-Cut Files

American Flax-Cotton and Machinery

“Macfie” on Patents

Recent American Patents

Present Strength of the British Navy

Our Subscribers

The Pressure Produced by Gunpowder

Patent Claims

Patents Granted for Seventeen Years!

To Our Readers

Rates of Advertising

The Cheapest Mode of Introducing Inventions

A Valuable Work for Inventors Patentees and Manufacturers

Improved Friction Pulley, The Government Laboratory


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February 13, 1864