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Improved Manure-Spreader, An Ounce Weight and a Tun Weight

Iron-Clads at Home and Abroad

Alexandre Vattemare

The Most Important American Discoveries and Inventions

Thomson's Combined Barometer and Thermometer

Cast-Steel Ordnance

The Chenango Boiler Explosion

The Close of the Metropolitan Fair

Special Notice

Recent American Patents

Improved Horoscope

Richards' Try-Square

Co-Operative Societies

Congressional Interference with Patents

Death of General Totten

Patent Claims

Issued From The United States Patent-Office

What Hungry Men Eat

Machinists and the Sanitary Commission

Patents Granted for Seventeen Years!

Rates of Advertising

The Cheapest Mode of Introducing Inventions

Valuable Work for Inventors Patentees and Manufacturers

Improved Machine for Upsetting Tires, Migration of the Stump of a Tooth


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