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Improved Seed Planter

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents

Landon's Mill-Stone Bush

The Vibrations of Atoms

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Winters' Card Rack

Breech-Loaders and the Bayonet

Recent American Patents

Sizes for Key Seats

The Cork!

Colburn's Bracket Lamp Chimney

Spirits of Turpentine

Bearing Surfaces

Patent Claims and Patent Business

Tyndal on Boiler Explosions

Holes in Furnace Doors

The Slip of Propelling Instruments

Will Sudden Relief from Pressure Cause Boiler Explosions?

Patents Granted for Seventeen Years!

Rates of Advertising

To Our Readers

The Cheapest Mode of Introducing Inventions

Valuable Work for Inventors Patentees and Manufacturers

Improved Evaporator, Plumbago Mine in Lower Canada


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