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Improved Lumber Measure, John Fitch Wanted Four Hundred Dollars, and more

India-Rubber Clothes-Wringer

Special Notice

Miscellaneous Summary

Osborne's Process of Photolithographing

Recent American Patents

Bourne's Heating and Shaving Apparatus

Cornelius and Baker's Electric Bracket

Extension of Patents--For Whose Benefit they are Granted

The Citizen's Great Duty

The Avery Engine


Is Gunpowder Liable to Spontaneous Combustion?

Beware of Raw Pork

Grease Balls

Fined For Not Working

Expansion of Liquids

Concerning Valves

Blowing Up of the Albemarle.

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent-Office for the Week Ending November 8, 1864

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November 19, 1864

Confronting Common Wisdom