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Lathe for Irregular Forms, Mechanical Skill of English Burglars

Applications of Glycerin

By W. J. M. Gordon


Effect of Coal Ashes on Wood Ashes

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Farmers' Club

Sanborn's Bandage Roller

Special Notices

Recent American Patents

Market for the Month

Self-Registering Ballot Box

Mysterious Boiler Explosions

Inauguration of a New Society

The Great Lock-Out in England

Machinery the Great Missionary

Patent Claims

Rates of Advertising

Notice to Subscribers

To Our Readers

Special Notice to Inventors

The Cheapest Mode of Introducing Inventions

A Safety Money Drawer

Sailing of Professor Agassiz

Brockway's Stitching Horse

Water Baths in Cooking

Prospectus of the Scientific American


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