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Rock Borer and Grooving Machine, Glass Trade at the West

The English Lock-Out

The Three Sand Rocks

The Work of Different Countries

Rebel Abatis at Petersburg

Production of Ammonia


A Curious Clock

Solution of India-Rubber

Plants From Cuttings

Directions for Making Blacking

Aluminum Bronze for Coins

A New Kind of Electrifying Machine

The Cornish Engine Deteriorating

The Oil Regions of Pennsylvania

Facts about Peat

Farmers' Club

Special Notices

Recent American Patents

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Arsenic Poison

Wonderful Skill in Billiards

The Good Time Coming

Our Calamity

Model Houses

McCulloch on California Currency

Getting Potash Directly from the Rock

A True Hero

Horse Power

Gunpowder Extraordinary

A Successful Commander

Patent Calims

To Our Readers

Special Notice to Inventors

Rates of Advertising

Notice to Subscribers

The Cheapest Mode of Introducing Inventions

A Valuable Work for Inventors Patentees and Manufacturers

A Neat Thing

To Inventors, Mechanics, Agriculturalists the Annual Prospectus of the Scientific American


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April 22, 1865

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