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Deviation of the Compass in Iron Ships

Improved Hot-Air Furnace

The Atlantic Telegraph--Meeting of the New Company

Gordon's Bit Fastening

Periodic Phenomena

Improved Center-Board

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Application of Electricity to Paddle Engines

The Currency Delusion

Miscellaneous Summary

The Iron Clad Monadnock

A Crystalline Car Axle

Electricity From Combing the Hair

Projectiles Used During the Crimean War

The Cascade, of Light in Boston, Mass

Strength of Ice

A Magnetic Safe

To Prevent the Loss of Aroma in Roasting Coffee

A Sawyer Answered

Lottery and Gift Swindles

The Cigar Steamer

Cold Cast Iron on Melted Cast Iron


Improved Sawing Machine

Thomas's Railway Check

Ready Mode of Amalgamating Zinc Plates

Simple Process for Silvering

New Publications

Power Required to Drive Machinery

Zinc Plates for Preserving Boilers From Corrosion

Petroleum as Fuel for Steam Engines to Be Tested

The English Iron Clads

A Brilliant Series of Experiments

Patent Claims

Issued From the U. S. Patent Office

Improved Sorghum Evaporator

Electricity in Deep Sea Sounding


Inventors, Manufacturers

Stiles's Foot Press


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