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Latta's Apparatus for the Reduction and Retention of Fractures

Indelible Ink

Production of Gold and Silver

Kangaroo on a Tread Mill

The Manufacture of Cold-Drawn Steel Tubes

Unmalted and Malted Barley as Food for Stock

Improved Forge Hammer

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

The Lenoir-Gas Engine

By Fred. J. Slade

The Cascade of Light

Tyler's Safety Switch

To Recover Gold from Solutions

An Experiment with Clean Iron

Shaving with a Wooden Razor

New Things in France

English Ironclads

Composition of Alloys

Air in Wine Tuns

The Funnel of the “Bellerophon.”

A Perpetual Motion Humbug

Progress of Scientific Education

Curtis's carriage Wheel

The Cholera

Special Notices

Rainey's Nursery Chair

A Paying Investment

Supplemental Sheet

Explosion of a Petroleum Lamp

Exhibition of a New Electro-Magnetic Motor

The Midland Steam Boiler Insurance Co

Notes on New Discoveries and New Applications of Science

A New Soda Process

New Publications

Cast Steel-Magnesian Crucibles

Patent-Office Decisions

Improvements in Gas Engines

An English Capitalist on Lock-Outs

Patent Claims

Issued from the U. S. Patent Office

Paper From Wood

To Our Readers

New Rates of Advertising


Inventors, Manufacturers

Academy of Sciences

Extension of Patents

Hopkins's Water Cooler

Improved Motion for Sewing Machines


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April 21, 1866