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The London Underground Railway, What is Charcoal?, and more

The Iron Manufacture--Smelting

Commissioners to the French Exhibition

Editorial Summary

Farrar's Adjustable Ladder Hook

The Buckeye Gate Latch

Street Railroads

Ferrier's Double Action Churn

Foreign and Home Built Machinery

Molten and Fluid State of the Globe--Artesian Wells

Goff's Bag Fastener

Science Familiarly Illustrated

Interesting Patent Office Decision--Improvements in Mode of Sinking Wells

Answers to Correspondents

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Edson's Hygrodeik

Isaac's Improved Foot Bath

Geology of North and South America--Professor Agassiz' Lecture

Trade Marks

Qualifications for Public Business

Ingenious Bull

Patent Claims

Issued from the U. S. Patent Office


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February 23, 1867