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Improved Steam Engine for Rolling Mills

Report of the Acting Commissioner of Agriculture

Applications of Electricity as Seen at the Paris Exposition

Testing Iron by Magnetism

The Science of Extinguishing a Fire

Bennett's Device for Sinking Well Tubes

Manufacturing, Mining, and Railroad Items

Recent American and Foreign Patents

New Publications

Answers to Correspondents

Extension Notices

Alvord's Elastic Horse Collar

Frankfurth's Funnel Heat Radiator and Damper

Hilton's Improved Air Chamber for Pumps

The Antiquity of Man

The Commissionership of Patents

Communication between New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City

Railroad Accidents--Is There a Remedy?

Bessemer Steel--Is its Superiority Established?

Locomotive Engineers--Their Responsibilities and Estimation

Official Report of Patent and Claims

Issued by the United States Patent Office

Pending Applications for Reissues


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