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Improvement in Machinery for Sawing Wheel Fellies, Improved Cane-juice Bleaching Machine, and more

Chemical Nomenclature

National Agricultural Exposition

Carbolic Acid

Editorial Summary

The Use of Explosive Projectiles

Blasting with Nitro Glycerin--Comparison of this Substance with Gun Cotton and Gunpowder

Effect of Arsenic Upon Apples

Recent American and Foreign Patents

New Publications

Manufacturing, Mining, and Railroad Items

Answers to Correspondents

Extension Notices

Corrosion of Iron Exposed to Salt Water

Towles' Patent Elliptic Suspender

The Nicolson Pavement--Important Patent Extension

Harlin's Plan for Improving Oil Cups

Gilding on Wood


The Injustice of Trades Unions

Ringing in the Ears

Needless Sacrifice of Life and Property

Mechanics in California


250,000 for Stamp Eraser

Patents and Claims

Differences in Opinion


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July 22, 1868

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