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The Ellershausen Process of Manufacturing Iron

Combined Power-Lifting and Forcing Pumps

How Common Window Glass is Made

Inventor of Stereotyping—William Ged

The Therapeutics of Wakefulness

Lecture on the Spectroscope

Modern Wrenches and Their Antecedents

Bicknell's Patent American Window Weight Pulley

Velocipede Notes

Chemical Invention

How Contracts are Awarded—Gross Frauds in the Patent Office

How Workingmen May Obtain Facilities for Intellectual Improvement

Cheese and Nuts

Modern Musical Instruments

Transfusion of Blood

“Waste” and “Economy” of Fuel

Editorial Summary

Steam Pump Valves

Important Decision under the Patent Laws

New Publications

Answers to Correspondents

Manufacturing, Mining, and Railroad Items

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Official List of Patents

Patent Offices

European Patents


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