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Improved Cork Extractor

Shaw's Gunpowder Hammer for Driving Piles, Remarkable Mirage in the English Channel

Facts Concerning the Sun


A Fish Farm

By E. Dexter

Indelible Ink for Marking Linen

By Reimann

Chinese Labor in America

An Arrant Humbug

Working Out and Patenting New Inventions

The Indiscriminate Use of Fireworks

When Doctors Disagree Who shall Decide?

Prediction of Weather

The Theory of Boiling—Tomlinson's Experiments and Conclusions

The Odoriferous Principles of Plants—And their Imitations—Fusel Oil

Bridge Across the British Channel

Important Patent Decision

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Answers to Correspondents

Official List of Patents

New Publications

Applications for Extension of Patents


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