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Cigar Machine, Scientific Nonsense and more

The Cotton Gin and Its Inventors

By Elzy Hay

The Niin of Yucatan

From the Report of the United States Commissioners of Agriculture.


By C. Widemann

Iron Shipbuilding and American Commerce

By Henry E. Colton

Manufacture of Cotton Seed, Cotton Seed Cakes, and Meal

By C. Widemann

The French System of Storm Maps

From the February Number of "Old and New."

On Zinc

By Charles A. Joy

A New English Oil Testing Apparatus

Steam Engines at the American Institute

New Apparatus for Measuring Oil

Domestic Water Filters

Construction of Hollow Walls

Pumping Down Buildings--Fall of the Dining Hall of King's College, London

The Rumford Medals

Study of First Principles by Inventors

Solutions for Hardening Steel

Black River Flood Case

Test of Turbine Water Wheels at Lowell, Mass

Foremen and Superintendents

Tunnels vs Bridges

What is Said of Our Prize Engraving

Diving and Diving Apparatus

Applications for Extension of Patents- February 5, 1870

On Refrigerating Mixtures and the Depression of Temperature Produced by Dissolving Salts in Water

Answers to Correspondents- February 5, 1870

Recent American and Foreign Patents- February 5, 1870

Under this heading we shall publish weekly notes of some Of the more prominent home and foreign patents.

Official List of Patents- February 5, 1870

Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING JAN. 25, 1870. Reported Officially for the Scientific American


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    Correspondence- February 5, 1870

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    Business and Personal- February 5, 1870

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February 05, 1870

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism