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Carriages and Slides of the Spanish Gunboats Designed by Captain Ericsson

Manufacture of Cotton Seed and Cotton Seed Oil

By C. Widemann

On the Uses of Zinc

By Charles A. Joy

Aniline Green for Wool

By M. Reimann

On Ox Gall

By C. Widemann

Improved Bedstead and Mattress for Invalids

The Preservation of Meat

Preservation of Ice

Improved Clothes Dryer

More about Niin

The Hydrostatic Test for Steam Boilers

Improvement in Key-Hole Guards

Six-Way Tap for Gas and Water

Penny's Improved Gang Sawmill

Official Report of Professor Chandler to the Board of Health on the New York Gas Companies

The Pneumatic Tunnel under Broadway, New York

Proposed Modification of the Patent Laws—An Attempt to Break Down the Right of Appeal

Bent, Stained, and Ornamental Window Glass

What is Chemistry?

Award of our Cash Prizes

Curious Ice Formations

Recent American and Foreign Patents- February 19, 1870

Answers to Correspondents- February 19, 1870

Official List of Patents- February 19, 1870

Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEB. 8 ,1870. Reported Officially for the Scientific American.

Applications for Extension of Patents- February 19, 1870


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    Correspondence - February 19, 1870

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    Business and Personal - February 19, 1870

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February 19, 1870