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The Pedespeed, Improved Fan Blower

Visit to a Steel Manufactory

An Interesting Review of the American Patent System

By Samuel A. Duncan

Products of the Pine Forest

By Henry E. Colton

Woods' Saw-Gumming and Sharpening Machine

Snyder's Improved Turbine Wheel

Proposed Sale of the Yosemite Valley

The Use of Salt in Agriculture

Co-Operation among Inventors

Something about Gases

New Mechanical Movements

Congress Extending Patents

Proposed Plan for Publishing Patent Office Specifications and Drawings

Applications for Extension of Patents- March 19, 1870

Recent American and Foreign Patents- March 19, 1870

Official List of Patents- March 19, 1870

Progress of American Invention in Europe- March 19, 1870

Rotating and Fixed Turrets


  • Letters

    Correspondence- March 19, 1870

  • Answers to Correspondents- March 19, 1870

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- March 19, 1870

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- March 19, 1870

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