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Improved Stall Floor for Horses, To Prevent Decay of Shingles, and more

Light and Vision--More Especially How Light Is Converted Into Thought

By H. Knapp

Mammalian Fossils--A Facetious Reviewer

The Cocoa Palm

By Rx J. Cantini

Dugdale's Universal Clothes Washer

Langhorne's Improved Nut-Lock

Gentlemen Glass-Makers

Metallic Hydrogen

Uses of Fluor Spar

The Study of Impracticabilities

Safety vs. Economy in the Construction of Steam Boilers

New Mechanical Movements

Morin's Experiments upon the Punching of Metals

The Increased Use of Cold-Rolled Shafting

The Great Union Depot on Fourth Avenue, New York

Scientific Intelligence- April 30, 1870

Bill to Amend the Patent Laws Now Pending before Congress

Instrument for Measuring the Deflection of Girders

Electric Forces

Recent American and Foreign Patents- April 30, 1870

Editorial Summary- April 30, 1870

Answers to Correspondents- April 30, 1870

Official List of Patents- April 30, 1870


  • Letters

    Correspondence- April 30, 1870

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- April 30, 1870

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- April 30, 1870

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April 30, 1870

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism