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Improved Dredging Machine

On Steam Boiler Inspection

By E. B. Marten

The Artisan in Prussia

The Application of Photography to Military Purposes

The Scarabæids

By Edward C. H. Day

Stone Sawing

A want in Locomotive Engineering

The St. Louis Bridge

The Southern Demand for Machinery

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Craik's Practical American Millwright and Miller

The Millennium, or Something Like It

The Analysis of Milk

Paraffine Industry

$20,000 Bonus for a New Press

Scientific Intelligence- September 3, 1870

Height and Weight

Enterprising Journalism

Divisibility of Matter and Size of Chemical Atoms

Answers to Correspondents- September 3, 1870

Official List of Patents- September 3, 1870

Recent American and Foreign Patents- September 3, 1870


  • Letters

    Correspondence- September 3, 1870

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- September 3, 1870

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- September 3, 1870

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September 03, 1870