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Improved Independent Shuttle-Motion Loom, How to Save Peach Trees

Scientific Use of the Imagination- November 26, 1870

By John Tyndall

Notes and Maxims about Health

By Dio Lewis

Steam Railroad Ferries between England and France

The Balloon as an Aid to Meteorological Research

Strong's Patent Fireplace

Pierced Cores in Metal Casting

Perpetual Motion

Improved Breast-Strap Protecter for Harness

The Wyckoff Wood Pavement

Shad vs. Black Bass

Beet-Root Sugar--How the War is Likely to Affect the Manufacture in France

The Principle of Bracing

—What it has Done and What it Expects to do" id="article-the-scientific-american-what-it-ha">

The "Scientific American"—What it has Done and What it Expects to do

Application of Ruhmkorff's Induction Coil to the Copying of Drawings

Pyrotechnic Mixtures

Letters from the South- November 26, 1870

Applications for the Extension of Patents- November 26, 1870

Queries- November 26, 1870

Recent American and Foreign Patents- November 26, 1870

Answers to Correspondents- November 26, 1870

Official List of Patents- November 26, 1870


  • Letters

    Correspondence- November 26, 1870

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- November 26, 1870

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- November 26, 1870

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November 26, 1870

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism