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Improved Independent Shuttle-Motion Loom

Progress of Foreign Invention

A New Ink for Printers

Perpetual Motion

Milking-Stool and Pail-Holder

Mercurial Pump without Valves or Stop-Cocks

Improved Mop Wringer

Successful Application of Steam to Canal Boats

By T. Main

Eyesight and the Microscope

Automatic Boiler Feeder

Gas Stove

Removing Street Snow and Ice

Proprietors and Foremen

How Vermicelli and Macaroni are Made

Close of Volume XXIII

The Relation of Mineralogy to Chemistry

Success as the Measure of Ability

Scientific American- December 24, 1870

Recent American and Foreign Patents- December 24, 1870

Timely Suggestions

Official List of Patents- December 24, 1870

Answers to Correspondents- December 24, 1870

Applications for Extension of Patents- December 24, 1870


  • Letters

    Correspondence- December 24, 1870

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- December 24, 1870

  • Departments

    Index- December 24, 1870

  • Business and Personal- December 24, 1870

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December 24, 1870