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Elastic Metallic Rocking Chair

Improved Extension Table

Facts About the River Amazon.--Steam Navigation and Railroads

Poetry and Patents

Dyers' Recipes

From Haserick's Secrets of Dyeing.

The Ancient Brewers of New York

Oak Graining

[Condensed from the Builder.]


Perpetual Motion- February 25, 1871

W. Mattieu Williams on the Bessemer Process

From Nature.

Interesting School Statistics


Hand Sewing Machine


Toughening and Refining Gold

The Largest Gun in the World

The Hudson River Railroad Disaster

A Remarkable Geological Discovery

The Pecuniary Prospects of the East River Bridge

Progress of Foreign Invention- February 25, 1871

Intelligent Legislation About Medical Prescriptions

How the Ice Bridge is Formed in the East River

Recent Decisions at the Patent Office- February 25, 1871

The Present and The Past- February 25, 1871

Scientific Intelligence- February 25, 1871

Answers to Correspondents- February 25, 1871

Queries- February 25, 1871

Applications for Extension of Patents- February 25, 1871

New Patent Law of 1870

Official List of Patents- February 25, 1871

Issued by the U.S. Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEB. 14, 1871. Reported Officially for the Scientific American.

Recent American and Foreign Patents- February 25, 1871

Under this heading we shall publish weekly notes of some of the more prominent home and foreign patents..


  • Letters

    Correspondence- February 25, 1871

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- February 25, 1871

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- February 25, 1871

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February 25, 1871