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The Bickford Family Knitting Machine

The Application of Steam to Canals--No. I

By George Edward Harding


Toy Steam Engine

Papier Mache and Carton Pierre

On Sound

By Tydall

Reat's Improved Design for Neck-Yoke Ring and Slide

Thread Cutter

Apparatus for Carb Reting Hydrogen Gas

Hire's Patent Table Hinge

Improvement in Stock Cars

Plowing and Cultivation of Crops by Steam Improvements Wanted

Doctoring Iron

Paine's Electro-Motor

Mental Emaciation

The New System of Piers for New York

Steam on the Erie Canal-Answers to Queries

Plowing and Cultivating by Steam

On a New Connection for the Induction Coil

By Edwin J. Houston

Woven Wire Mattresses

Patent Office Decision- June 10, 1871

Answers to Correspondents- June 10, 1871

Recent American and Foreign Patents- June 10, 1871

Official List of Patents- June 10, 1871

Issued by the U. S. Patent Office

Applications for Extension of Patents- June 10, 1871


  • Letters

    Correspondence- June 10, 1871

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- June 10, 1871

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