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Writers on Science

The Frere Fountain, Bombay, India

Utility of Patent Laws

Discussion on Mr. Harding's Paper, "Entitled The Application of Steam to Canals" Concluded in Our Issue of July 15.--No. 2

New Mechanical Movement

Crocker's Whiffletree Coupling

Reminiscences of Inventors

Belt Holes--Quarter Turned Belts

Baer's Door Fastener

The Erie Canal Navigation Problem

Our Correspondence

The Spectroscope and its Applications

Answers to Correspondents- July 29, 1871

Scientific Intelligence- July 29, 1871

Queries- July 29, 1871

Recent American and Foreign Patents- July 29, 1871

Official List of Patents- July 29, 1871

Issued by the U. S. Patent Office

Applications for Extension of Patents- July 29, 1871


  • Letters

    Correspondence- July 29, 1871

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- July 29, 1871

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