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Street Architecture in London

Tyndall's Fragments of Science for Unscientific People

Experiences of a Bureau Officer

The Neuropters

By E. C. H Day

Combined Scissors and Button-Hole Cutter

Device for Suspending and Attaching Articles

Hildreth's Universally Adjustable Vise

Safety Valve Lever

Ore and Stone Crushing Machine

Folly and Ignorance--Followed by Death and Destruction

Lightning Rods

Ventilation of the New York State Lunatic Asylum

Patent Law Reform in England

Patent Proceedings in London

Electromagnetic Motors

Scientific Intelligence- August 5, 1871

Extension Cases--Smith's Plow Patent--Slawson's Car Fare Box--Textile Manufactures in India

Answers to Correspondents- August 5, 1871

Cancer Cure

Queries- August 5, 1871

Recent American and Foreign Patents- August 5, 1871

Official List of Patents- August 5, 1871

Issued by the U. S. Patent Office

Applications for Extension of Patents- August 5, 1871


  • Letters

    Correspondence- August 5, 1871

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- August 5, 1871

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