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Improved Universal Wood Working Machine

Coloring Cold

Breadstuff's and Cotton Imported Into Great Britain

Colorado Ores

Editorial Summary- October 21, 1871

Baxter's Portable Steam Engine

The Waterbury Water Meter

M'Gee's Collar Pin

Apparatus for Exhibiting the Properties of Vapors

The Cerulean Pleasonton's Sunshine Patent

Combined Sadiron and Stand, and Combined Reversible Sadiron and Polishing Iron

An Example to Manufacturers

Recent Progress in Metallurgy

The Great Fire at Chicago

A National Calamity and a Terrible Lesson

A Remarkable History--A True Story that is Stranger than Romance--How Misfortune was Crowned by Success

Fair of the American Institute

Master and Apprentice

Marquard's Artificial Stone

Scientific Intelligence- October 21, 1871

A Light Unit

By John C. Draper

Queries- October 21, 1871

Answers to Correspondents- October 21, 1871

Official List of Patents- October 21, 1871


  • Letters

    Correspondence- October 21, 1871

  • Departments

    Business and Personal- October 21, 1871

  • Recent American and Foreign Patents- October 21, 1871

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