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Church of St. Peter's, Bournemouth England

Cornell University --A Student's Labor for Knowledge

New Publication--The Science Record, for 1872

Briesen's Writing Apparatus for The Blind Etc.

Improved Axle for Railway Cars and Locomotives

Units of Heat and of Force

Decay of Stone and Brick

By John C. Draper

Occasional Notes- December 2, 1871

By G. E. H.

Too Much Gas; Not Enough Light

Progress of The Underground Railway System

Concrete Building

An Exact Method of Determining The Evaporative Efficiency of Steamboilers

The Study of Science in Schools

Dr. Draper's Experiments with Brick and Stone

A Number of Extensions --Tedious Sewing Machine Case

Prince Alexis--His Welcome to America

Business and Personal- December 2, 1871

Scientific Intelligence- December 2, 1871

Answers to Correspondents- December 2, 1871

Queries- December 2, 1871

Recent American and Foreign Patents- December 2, 1871

Official List of Patents- December 2, 1871

Applications for Extension of Patents- December 2, 1871


  • Letters

    Correspondence- December 2, 1871

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications- December 2, 1871

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