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Ship Ventilator, Fog Alarm, and Bilge Pump, Celestial Engineering

Keith's Improvement in Nickel Plating

On the Colors of Metals

Read before the New York Lyceum of Natural History, by Professor C. A. Seeley.

Hydraulic Cements--Their Adaptability for Useful and Ornamental Purposes

A Paper, read before the Polytechnic Association of the American Institute, by Adolph Ott.

The Philosophical Institution and Library, Bristol, England

Latent Heat of Dissociation

By P. H. Vander Weyde

Society of Arts of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Meeting Held in the Institute in Boston, December 14, 1871.

Steam Towage on Canals

Bartholomew's Self-Adjusting Suspender

Proposed Atlantic and Great Western Canal

Artificial Stone

Six Months of Engineering Progress

Mr. Justice Grove, F. R. S

The First Locomotives in America

Granite and Asphalte Roadways

Mr. Grove on Patent Law

Scientific Intelligence - January 6, 1872

Applications for Extension of Patents

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Under this heading we shall publish weekly notes of some of the more prominent home and foreign patents.

To City Subscribers - January 6, 1872

Official List of Patents

Issued by the U. S. Patent Office for the Week Ending December 26, 1871. Reported Officially for the Scientific American.


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