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Twenty Inch Smooth Bore Gun for the Russian Government

Marine Casualties

Official Publication of the American Patents--A New and Important Work

The Proposed Half Million Grab

The California Diamond Bubble

Revival of American Shipbuilding

The Christian Leader

Improved Ship's Compass

Electricity at the Stevens Institute.--Novel Researches by Professor Morton Concerning the Induced Current

Death of Horace Greeley

The November Atmospheric Wave

Steam Boiler Explosions

New Ice Harvesting Invention

Improved Seed Planter

How to Make Paper Caps

Combined Tool

Transmission of Motion

Head Block for Saw Mills

The Sturtevant Blower and Its Uses

How a Vessel Sails Against the Wind

Improved Hot Blast Oven

The Buildings of the Vienna Exposition

How to Make Money by Patents

Patent Office Decisions

New Fireproof Construction

Decisions of the Courts

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Answers to Correspondents

Value of Patents, and How to Obtain Them

Practical Hints Inventors

Patent Cold Rolled Shafting


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December 14, 1872

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