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Improved Horizontal Testing Machine

Lathe Vise

The Ocean Tides as a Prime Motor

Gas Light and Steam Heat

Entomology in Congress

The Vienna Show in the Senate

The Duplex Telegraph Instrument in England

Balancing Machinery

What is the Use?

The Proportions of Pipes

Guide for Setting Slide Valves

Gears for Changing Direction of Motion

Early Metallurgy

Professor Tyndall's Fifth Lecture in New York--The Invisible Rays

The Telescope in the Cambridge University

Gleanings in Science and Art

Cooling Our Houses

Improved Seed Planter

New Bridge Over the Nile

Dr. Draper's Researches in Actino-Chemistry

Learn to Draw

Value of Patents

AND HOW TO OBTAIN THEM. Practical Hints to Inventors.

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Decisions of the Courts

Answers to Correspondents


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February 01, 1873

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism