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Improved Stone Quarrying Machine

Explosions Due to Low Water

Pseudo Science

Proposed New Patent Law in England

Injustice to Workmen

Kircher's Remarkable Observations Concerning the Sun

Curious Effect of Light on Selenium

The Vienna Exhibition

The Siphon Recording Telegraph Instrument

The Detroit River Tunnels

Scientific and Practical Information

Lens Fires

The Strength of Timber

By John Anderson

Gin Saw Filing Machine

New Valve Gearing for Steam Engines

The Bridal Veil, Havana Glen N. Y.

The Ralston Inclined Railway

The Hixson Beehive

The Coffee Gardens of Arabia

Decisions of the Courts

Recent American and Foreign Patents

Answers to Correspondents

Communications Received


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    Correspondence - March 29, 1873

  • Notes and Queries - March 29, 1873

  • Business and Personal - March 29, 1873

  • Index of Inventions - March 29, 1873

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March 29, 1873

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism