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Improved Planer Bar

The Circulation of the Blood

A New Reading of an Old Record

Fireproof Safes

Injustice to Workmen

The Broadway Underground Railway

The Case of Phelps, Dodge & Co

Death of Baron von Liebig

Scientific and Practical Information

The Problem of the Coming Transits


Early History of Steam Navigation--The First Screw Propeller

Bale Tie Fastener

Stevens Institute Lectures--Sunlight and its Source

By Henry Morton

The Wonders of the Egg

Trials of the Ellis Vapor Engine

Improved Spectroscope

Improved Wagon Brake

Improved Fly Trap

The Agricultural Machine Works of Chicago

New Machine for Sinking Well Tubes

Chemical Notes

Recent American and Foreign Patents - May 3, 1873

Decisions of the Courts - May 3, 1873

United States Circuit Court--District of Massachusetts

Best Mode of Introducing New Inventions

Answers to Correspondents - May 3, 1873

Communications Received - May 3, 1873


  • Departments

    Correspondence - May 3, 1873

  • Business and Personal - May 3, 1873

  • Notes and Queries - May 3, 1873

  • Index of Inventions - May 3, 1873

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