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The Manufacture of Zinc and Zinc White, How to Search for Metals, and more

The Death of Liebig

Medical Practice in Early Times

Loss of the Polaris

Leaping by Machinery

Important Decision in Respect to Assignments

Chemical Heat Indicators

The Horse Power and the Power of the Horse

Scientific and Practical Information

The Falling of the Dixon Bridge

Hat and Coat Hook

Judson's Patent Lathe Chuck

Improved Metallic Stuffing Box

Electric Railway Signal

The Wonders of the Egg--III

By LEOTUBJ and professor agassiz

Sanitary Notes--Flavoring Substances for Food and Drink

Stevens Institute Lectures--Dyeing and Calico Printing

By Charles F. Chandler

Iron Bridge Construction

Recent American and Foreign Patents - May 24, 1873

Patent Office Decisions - May 24, 1873

Decisions of the Courts - May 24, 1873

United States Circuit Court--District of California, Ninth Judicial Circuit

Answers to Correspondents - May 24, 1873

Communications Received - May 24, 1873


  • Departments

    Correspondence - May 24, 1873

  • New Books and Publications - May 24, 1873

  • Notes and Queries - May 24, 1873

  • Business and Personal - May 24, 1873

  • Index of Inventions - May 24, 1873

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May 24, 1873

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