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Improved Feed Water Heater and Purifier

Lightning Rods--A Few Practical Hints

Award of Prizes at the Vienna Exposition

The Poor Man's Representative

The Patent Congress at Vienna

The Bisulphide of Carbon Auxiliary

Caoutchouc--Where it Comes From, and How it is Prepared

American Sewing Machine Awards at Vienna

The Architect and the Builder of the Vienna Exposition Palace

The Machine Room of the Great Exposition

Steam Boilers at the Great Exposition--Letter from the Engineer of the United States Department

The Great Exposition--Letter from United States Commissioner Professor R. H. Thurston

Improved Friction Attachment

The Ironclad Hulling Stone

Improved Wrench

Improved Window Weather Strip

Counterbalanced Lifting Bridge

Kansas City, Mo., and its Coming Exposition

Improved Testing Machine

Foreign Appreciation of American Inventions

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Decisions of the Courts - September 6, 1873

A Grand Victory Over Every Competitor in the World

Recent American and Foreign Patents - September 6, 1873

Answers to Correspondents - September 6, 1873

Communications Received - September 6, 1873


  • Letters

    Correspondence - September 6, 1873

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - September 6, 1873

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries - September 6, 1873

  • Business and Personal - September 6, 1873

  • Index of Inventions - September 6, 1873

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September 06, 1873